Impact of Television Advertisements on the Buying Decision of Consumers of Consumer Durables

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Advertising is the principal method of demand creation the other important method being the employment of salesman. In advertising, sales message is conveyed to millions of buyers for influencing the consumer choice of goods in the market. Again it is advertising that has enabled the businessman to make continuous mass production for the wide market. Though these have been criticized from the opponents of advertisements regarding the high cost and misleading of innocent people, it has its own potentialities to reach people and educate them. Also, the advertisers do not bother about the cost because they know that “it pays to advertise”

The means that are used for advertising are known as the media. Originally of all the media, printed words carried the greatest amount of advertising. Accordingly Newspapers, Journals, magazines, Catalogues, Directories, Posters and Hand-bills have been to perform the task of telling and selling but in this growing electronic era other means that capture the attention of people are also used Radio, television, cinema, electrical signs and displays come under this category. Of the latter cited category, the more popular advertisement medium is the television. A growing television viewership coupled with the perception on the part of manufactures that they could use this media most effectively to reach millions of people simultaneously has contributed to the phenomenal growth in the number of advertisements finding place through the television.

For the middle class families possessing consumer durables items like TVs, Refrigerators, mixers, washing machines etc., has become an obsession with the amount they could save most of the people from this selection view with others in buying house hold consumer durables. the need for these items alone doesn’t motivate these customers. In very many cases, vicinity has also played a significant role in persuading consumers to buy such durables. Now- a-days, the easy availability of finance through installment schemes, institututional financing as consumer loans etc., have made even the most cautious and reluctant people to shed their inhibitions and make a go at these durables.


The world is dynamic. Everything is changing day by day. In this situation, market trend also changes because of competition, consumer behavior etc., New companies and existing companies introduce, new product and they also face the competition from duplicate products in the market. So, the companies inform the ultimate consumers for creating awareness about the duplicate product and to make the consumers as prospective customers of their products.

But consumer takes the buying decision not merely on the basis of information provided by the company but also considering a lot of other factors like political, economic, psychological etc. So, the researcher has selected this problem of identifying the impact of TV advertising on the buying decision of consumer of consumer durables for the study.


The following are the objectives of the study:
1. To find out whether Television advertisement have influenced consumers in their consumer durables buying decision or not.

2. To find out the role of Television advertisement in the decision of the consumers as to change the brand.

3. To identify how far the consumers are influenced by Television advertisement and the reasons for such influences.

4. To find out the satisfaction level of consumers who purchased a particular brand after having seeing Television advertisement.

5. To find out the view of consumers about Television advertisements.


The scope of the study is limited to the extent of assessing the impact created by television advertisements on the buying decision of consumers in Palayamakottai. The chosen...
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