impact of studying literature on pakistani society

Topics: Sociology, English people, Culture Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: September 23, 2014
Name: Mohammad zaid Siddiqui role: 348
Teacher name: sir Sameer ahmad.

Asignment effect of studying English literature in Pakistani society. English has been taught in sub-continent before partition. Immigiately after war of independence 1857 when britishers came to india they imposed their language on the people of sub-continent. Many institutions which include government college Lahore and others started teaching English literature few years after this incident. After partition this legacy carries on. In different institutions like Punjab university the department of English has establish after partition . There is a question does study of english literature has any impact on Pakistani society or its just a colonial legacy. General attitude of public shows that it is just a colonial legacy which is carrying on. In Pakistan mostly students study English literature to qualify for competent exams. Many of the students study literature in their academics just before exams. In this way they are not able to understand it. In Pakistani society studying literature is a symbol of status. It is mostly read by aleat class. As many people from alead class want their children to speak English. They also want to be perfect in writing skills. Therefore they send them to study English and more prominently English literature. People having specific mind-set study it. This mind-set include the people who are westernize

Or having from missionaries schools. In Pakistan studying literature does not mean to improve language but to adopt English culture. Even Pakistani literature specially fiction produce in English is written to please the people of America. For einstance Kameela shamsi’s latest novel is a total failure from literary point of view but it receives many award s in the west. She tries to connect world war II with the incident of 9-11. Another reason of not having impact of studying English literature in...
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