Impact of Socio-Economic and Cultural Changes on the Personality Development of Adolescents

Topics: Sociology, Big Five personality traits, Personality psychology Pages: 26 (8858 words) Published: August 15, 2013


1.The enormous socio-economic and cultural changes coupled with technological revolution have unfolded an urgency to address issues pertaining to grooming up of young personalities beyond the usual concerns of discipline and education in Bangladesh. This is because of the remarkable changes being marked in all the strata of the socio-economic system owing to the first moving cultural transformation and globalization. Social changes may be defined as the significant alteration of social structures (patterns of action and interaction) including consequences and manifestations of such structures embodied in norms, values, cultural products and symbols. It occurs in families, communities, nations and in all social institutions. More importantly, it is observed with greater concern that these changes are creating an overwhelming and unimaginable gap with unprecedented and increasing velocity within the generations.

2.The middle aged generations and above is witnessing an abnormal growth of generation gaps being critically influenced by the advent of technology. Mass inception of Internet and cellular technology with its allied inventions in the social system have demonstrated outstanding positive outcome in the corporate and business world. Yet a considerable group of people claims that available social facilities yielding from the technological breakthrough have displayed severe and far reaching potentials in creating significant dent in the age old traditional values and ethics of the social system. The recent perception of personal and private world, gender roles and gender equality, value disorientation, globalization etcetera seems to have created a new wave of individualism which is deplored by some and favoured by others. These developments unfolded newer challenges and created demands for higher levels of education and training for the personality development of young group of people in general and adolescents in specific than were required of previous generations.

3.Adolescence may be defined as a critical period of human developments manifested at the biological, psychological and social levels of integration. It can be identified as a transitional phase in the human life span, linking childhood and adulthood. Typically age 16 to 21 may be categorized as adolescents for Bangladesh. An individual is likely to experience more storm and stress during adolescents than other ages. Personality development in this stage thus witness multi-dimensional challenges posed by socio-economic, cultural and other related facts of life.

4.Personality development may be explained as a means of developing a personality cult so as to create a strong positive impression about self within the social strata which are to be maintained and proved in a long run. The major components those influence personality comprises social and psychological elements of an individual. Social personality’s core factors include social values, communication skill, attitude and economic independence especially in relation to wealth while the psychological personality is in tune with personal values, approach, thinking pattern, emotional management and influenced by knowledge, intelligence and smartness.

5.The foregoing discussions thus indicate a scope of critical study in order to identify the impact of socio-economic and cultural changes on personality development of the adolescents. In doing so, this paper attempts to study and examine the socio-economic and cultural changes in the society. Following the identified changes a detailed study on the personality development of adolescents would be brought to light. The paper concludes by identifying the impacts of changes on the personality developments of the adolescents. The study, however, will limit its scope to typical Bangladeshi socio-economic and cultural environment.

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