Impact of Social Networking in Our Day to Day Lives

Topics: Social network service, Facebook, Orkut Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: February 6, 2012
In the wake of accepting technological advancements, we’ve also come to embrace the term ‘social-networking.’ Starting as an easy way of communication, social networks have accelerated their pace towards transmogrifying our lives. Whether at the comfort of our homes or while commuting, they have become the intruders in our PC screens, mobile devices and our lives. They’ve brought in varied changes in the way we socialize.

Let’s discuss a few impacts that the trend of social networking has brought in the youths:


Social networking has changed the way we’d once communicate with friends and family. Social sites have becomes a primary means of communication with Facebook topping the list. It introduces effortless communication with someone on the opposite end of the globe. Its not just mere communication, finding a long lost friend, sending invitations, sharing pictures, letting everyone know what’s on your mind is all made quite simple. Most of the youths use social networking sites like facebook, orkut,


Teenagers often tend to accept and adapt to a new, trendy, tech-savvy lifestyle easily. Seemingly, social sites have a greater impact on their lives. Quality times spend by them tweeting or updating statuses won’t be a surprising fact. Nevertheless, it has been used by collegians to spread good and meaningful messages.


Recruitment is another factor that has been quite responsive to the ongoing social media phase (which is here to stay). The wider reach and entering a particular class or forum to pick the right candidate is said to be one of the key reasons. Recruitment by using these social channels have been quite effective, albeit everything comes with a fair share of pros and cons.


Needless to say, social sites serve as a good way to promote products. They’ve emerged as a new marketing platform. Celebs have also been leveraging on these sites to showcase their upcoming...
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