Impact of Science and Technology on the Development of Modern Civilization

Topics: Technology, Science, Religion Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: October 1, 2012
The Impact of Science and Technology to Society

Albert Einstein (1921)
The rapid rise of modern science has created major social problems. Not only has science created profoundly affected man’s material way of life it also offered an equally profound mental upheaval. As resulted from the changes it has effected in man’s rational understanding of his environment and his attitude toward knowledge. Materials life has primarily felt the technological knowledge growing out of industrial application of scientific discoveries, techniques, and methods. At the same time, the increased awareness and the understanding of nature and the enlightened attitude toward knowledge have seriously impinged upon man’s religious faith and outlook. These effects are by no means unilateral. Technological improvements lead to a society enjoying comfortable life and with more leisure time. Furthermore, these selfsame technological advances could also be motivated in a negative way. Just a single scientific misinterpretation can exterminate the material existence of his “creator” rather than giving him a better life. Amidst technological jungle, what fate one could wait? Science is a good model of logic; it is coherent and often clear. By careful analysis, one could think that man’s way to survival lies in his ability to be a critical juror of this complex mortal world. Independent of his relative reaction his decision will significantly affect the future state of science.

Isaac Newton 1689
Man is a rational being; he has the capacity to reason, according to Aristotle. Man could not alienate the inextricable relationship of “science” and “society”. Nor is science and religion on opposite sides of the fence! Not only does science color man’s attitude toward religion, but also religion has a marked effect on science, the scientists, and its advocates. Religious principles should be the guide by which society decides how it will use the material products of science. Modern communities...
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