Impact of Sanction

Topics: Iraq, Sewage treatment, Gulf War Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: August 25, 2013

In new era of war, there are many kind of ways to get an advantage in the world war. There is a reason why they invade a country for their benefit. As all human kind knows, lately Iraq was invaded by United State of America for they own good. They make a huge destruction in Iraq. They also make a sanction and US policy in government of Iraq. Due to the sanction and US policy that they make in Iraq, there were many impacts that causes people in Iraq suffer. The impacts due to the sanction and US policy are decline in economy, decreased health level, and increase in death. One of the impacts of sanction and US policy is declined in economy. Phyllis Bennis (2000) states by announcing throughout the world that its war against Iraq in the early part of 1991 was a “clean” war and US was proud about it, they mentioned that they used “smart weapon” that only targeted what they wanted-aside. In that war, their target included water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, electrical generating plants, and communication centre. The fact that the 22 million people of Iraq might be denied clean water was considered an acceptable consequence. Economic sanctions almost always have a dramatic effect on the parties recognized in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. They often cause extreme disruption in the distribution of food, pharmaceuticals and sanitation supplies, the quality of food and the availability of clean drinking water, also interferes with the function of basic health and education systems, and impaired the right to work. The result has been absolute devastation for the civilian population at enormous cost in the future to be repaired. During the December 1998 military strikes, one oil refinery in Basra was deliberately targeted that particular refinery’s output was being use for smuggling but it is a violation of international law to destroy an economy target. Another impact of the sanction...

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