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Impact of rewards on employee performance

A majority of companies are confronting several problems linked to worker’s performance. The Rewards system has many affects on workers, which rise the degree of work performance and fulfillment. Various studies were directed in the last decades to study the influence of rewards on the workers performance. This report aims to study the link among employee’s performance and rewards, in addition to that to identify Cultural dimensions in reward perspective.


The senior management should create a positive relationship among the employees and the company that will satisfy the consistently fluctuating desires of both gathering, in order for a company to reach its commitments to society, workers and shareholders, All the companies are expecting that their workers will perform dependably to the mission assigned to them, and to respect the policies and systems that have been founded to manage the working environment. Usually the top management is expecting several things from their employees, for instance to be creative, keep on adapting new aptitudes, to be receptive to business necessities and to direct themselves.

On the other hand the workers envisage their employers will give reasonable pay protected functioning conditions, and reasonable treatment. (Beer, Spector , Lawrence, Mills, & Walton, 1984). Traditionally most recompense and distinguishment projects were obscure and regularly given in light of a supervisor's impression of when a worker performed incredibly good.

There were generally no set guidelines by which a remarkable performance can be measured, and it could have implied anything from having a decent demeanour, helping an alternate division, or being reliably timely. In present authoritative settings this is no more the case, as associations comprehend the extraordinary increases inferred by connecting prizes and distinguishment to their business system (Flynn, 1998), in addition, to the cultural aspect can have an influence on the type and the strategy of rewards to improve the employee’s order to reach the aim of this study the author will use several references to present a literature review on the impact of rewards on employee’s performance. The literature review will first cover the meaning of the concept of rewards, then the Cultural dimensions in reward perspective and finally the performance appraisal based reward system

Literature review
Rewards: Clarifying the concept

Rewards represent any tangible profits and procurement that employee acquire as a piece of working relationship (Milkovich and Newman, 2004);while Malhotra et al.(2007) explained that "work prizes" signify the profits that employees get from their working environment and are viewed as the factors of occupation responsibility and fulfilment. Stone et al.(2010) found that financial incentives are not always welcomed by all employees and material incentives generally do not tend to satisfy the basic psychological needs and discern the individual variance. Bratton and Gold (2003) characterize "rewards" as all the recognition, financial and intangible payment gave by a company as an exchange of their commitment. Stone et al.(2010) discovered that motivating employees by money is not constantly welcomed by the workers invited and material motivation don't have a tendency to fulfil the essential mental needs and recognize the individual change. Terrible and Friedman (2004) identified that rewards are at present more than aged concept of tolerating a weekly pay checks, rather they get a handle on the widely inclusive worth arrange that the supervisor propose to the delegate that consolidates reward, benefits and occupations. Between the different kind of reward, financial recompense represent the most interesting and essential element (Milkovichand Newman, 2004). “financial rewards” are not only pondered as a motivator (Gardner et al.,...

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