Impact of Rechargeable Cars on the Environment

Topics: Battery electric vehicle, Lead-acid battery, Internal combustion engine Pages: 3 (674 words) Published: May 14, 2013
[Name] Yuhua Zou

[Course] MEC 280

[Topic] Impact of rechargeable cars on the Environment

[Date] 4/16/2013

In this essay, I will discuss about the rechargeable batteries used in the rechargeable automobile and the impacts of these batteries to the pollution of the urban environment. Scientists are moving fast to give new inventions to the world and rechargeable automobile batteries are the latest topic of the automobile world. Due to excessive gasoline consumption, the scientists are working on electric cars and on the rechargeable batteries. The gasoline consumption creates pollution and it is proved by researches that the consumption should be decreased to save the environment. Now the question is that is the rechargeable battery save the environment from the pollution? The answer of the question is discussed below:

The impact of the rechargeable batteries depends on the source of electricity. Most of the people think that the rechargeable or the hybrid cars (in other words electric cars) are environment friendly because they think that it is using refined and environment friendly energy but research professors show another side of the rechargeable batteries. According to them, the pollution depends upon the source of electricity. They say that most of the countries generate their electricity from fossil fuels, oil and gasoline. If a country or state is generating their electricity from the fossil fuels or gasoline, then the impact of the batteries will be worst because every time when they will need to recharge the battery, they need electricity and in that sense, the consumption of the electricity will increase and the environment will be polluted (Laura Williams).The Ohio university research shows that the hybrid cars and the use of the rechargeable batteries affect the environment. The reason is that the material which is used in the batteries is more harmful than the conventional...

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