impact of protectionism trade policy on trade

Topics: Protectionism, International trade, Free trade Pages: 19 (5206 words) Published: April 24, 2014

Course Name
International Economics

Course Code
FIN: 2210

Submitted To:
Shaikh Masrick Hasan
Department of Finance
Jagannath University

Submitted By:
Sohel Rana
On behalf of Group-06 2nd Year 2nd Semester, 6th Batch Department of Finance Jagannath University

Date of Submission: 22-02-2014

Group Members

1SOHEL RANAB 110203076
4IMAM HOSSAINB 110203026
8FATEMA AKTERB 110203006
10TOHIDUL ISLAMB 110203024

Letter of Transmittal
Shaikh Masrick Hasan
Course Coordinator
Money and Banking
Dept. of Finance
Jagannath University

Subject: To submit a report on “Impact of protectionist trade policy on the domestic industry and economy”

With a great respect, we are informing you that we have prepared a report on “Impact of protectionist trade policy on domestic industry and economy.” We feel great pleasure for submitting this report to you, which will definitely help us to be successful in our future life and to complete the BBA program. During the preparation of this report, we have experienced a lot that will greatly help us in our further studies and carrier life. It has enlightened our practical knowledge in the practical world of business. The experience we got from here will help us to contribute these techniques in our practical life. We tried our level best to develop a good report.

We would like to thank you for giving us such an opportunity to do this report on this topic. We enjoyed working on this project.

Thank you.
Sohel Rana
On behalf of group-6
BBA 6th Batch, 2nd Year 2nd Semester
Jagannath University

By the cordial mercy of Allah, now we are able to submit our report to our honorable sir Shaikh Masrick Hasan . We strongly believe that it would not be possible preparing such a report without Almighty’s grace.

Now we would like to thank our honorable sir Shaikh Masrick Hasan for his keen efforts and invaluable guidance helped us to understand about information system in business which facilitated the successful completion of the report.

This acknowledgment will remain incomplete if we don’t thanks to those people who helped and co-operated us specially for helping us to find necessary information regarding the report. We would also like to express gratitude to my university faculty members. They should be remembered because they produced the platform of our knowledge.

Again, we like to thank our honorable teacher for giving us such a chance in completion of the report.Finally, we like to say that, we have prepared this report from our own experience. We are ready to accept our unwilling errors and omission which belong to us.

Table of Contents

TitlePage No.
Cover Page1-4
Objectives of the Report8
Body of The Report11-29
History of protectionism12
Domestic industry and economy13
Types of protectionist trade policy14-15
Arguments for protectionism16
Arguments against protectionism17
Impacts of protectionism on domestic economy18-29
Impact of tariff18-19
Impact of import quota20
Impact of export subsidies21
Impact of antidumping22-23
Impact of others policy24-25
Advantages of protectionism26-27
Disadvantages of protectionism 28-29
Findings 30
Conclusion 31...

References: International Economics- Dominick Salvatore
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