Impact of New Deal on Maerican Government and Society

Topics: New Deal, Great Depression, Social Security Pages: 4 (1320 words) Published: March 25, 2012
Describe the impact of the New Deal on American government and society. In doing so, be sure to discuss the primary goal and basic overall characteristic of specific New Deal programs.

FDR’s New Deal changed the face of American government. Never before and no one since has implemented so many government programs and agencies. FDR’s New Deal helped the US get out of the Great Depression. The new deal expanded the federal government’s power like never before and was designed to help Americans who were suffering. FDRs new deal can be broken down into two categories: The first New Deal and the Second New Deal

When FDR took office, he and his advisors did not have an exact plan or initial philosophy drawn up, but rather, they made it up as they went along. They were willing to do anything and everything to help bring the country out of the great depression, especially through the work of capitalism. To get his plan rolling, the first thing FDR needed to do was to restore confidence in the American people and get them on his side. He did so he went on the radio many times out of the year and told them what he was working on and what he had done that week which became known as “fireside chats.”

The first thing FDR did in the first new deal was restore faith in financial institutions, and more so in capitalism. One thing FDR tries to do is have the public confident in banking system so that people would invest and could later have a healthy stock market. Immediately, he declared a bank holiday, and all banks had to close for a number of days. While the banks were closed, he sent in teams of financial investigators to determine which banks were viable and which were deemed unreliable. If deemed unviable, it could not reopen until it fixed its problems. Next, FDR created the SEC. The SEC was created to regulate the stock market, so the faulty trading that caused the crash could not occur again. The SEC also required companies who traded stock to make their...
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