Impact of Mass Media

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We've always relied on traditional mass media (such as newspapers, radio and television) for news and entertainment, but have you noticed how such media has progressed over the years? Have you ever wondered about the significance of traditional mass media on our lives?

Well, the purpose of our project is to find out the "Impact of the internet on traditional mass media consumption". We would also recommend ways to overcome problems related to the usage of new media, such as internet addition, especially among teenagers.

The Internet was introduced in the 1990s. With the spread of unmetered high-speed connections and web, everyone no matter how old or young are using it. News is now available 24/7 no matter where we are or what time it is. Music can be downloaded easily and books and magazines can be read online at any time. People can communicate with others everywhere. They can also meet other people virtually. For example, during the major earthquake in Japan in March 2011, people from all over the world can view footage of the earthquake without switching on their television. They can surf the internet at time they want to view the news.

Social media users more demanding

1 in 5 consumers who complain to brands via Twitter or Facebook want a response within the hour. New research from Lightspeed Research and the IAB revealed that consumers have much higher expectations of social media customer services compared to more traditional channels. The research found that a quarter of people who complain about brands through Twitter or Facebook expect a response within the hour, and around 6% within 10 minutes. Conversely, 50% of consumers who made complaints via a brand’s own website were happy to receive a response within a day and 27% within 3 days. The survey of over 1000 internet users, which examined the extent of ‘obsession’ with social media in the UK, also found that younger people are more likely to...
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