Impact of Maintenance Activities on the Environment

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Term Paper for Maintenance Management Course Titled:
Impact of Maintenance Activities on the Environment.

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How Can Maintenance Affect the Environment?4
Limitation of Environmental impact in maintenance operations4
I.Evaluation of Environmental aspects in maintenance4
II.Environmental aspects to be considered5
1.Procurement Concerns5
2.Hazardous Materials Storage6
3.Operating Practices6
4.Washing Activities7
5.Reuse and Recycling8
6.Painting Operations9
III.Definition of appropriate actions to limit significant environmental aspects / impacts10
The conclusion12


When evaluating the overall environmental impact of a product throughout its life cycle, careful consideration shall be given to the duration of the life cycle as well as to each of the life cycle phases. The relative importance of the impact of each life cycle phase may in fact be significantly different for a short life cycle product compared to a long life cycle product, the following table shows relative importance of life cycle phases on the overall environmental performance of a product:

| Procurement| Design| Manufacturing| Use | Maintenance| End of life| SLC| ***| ***| ***| ***| **| *|
LLS| ***| ***| *| ***| **| *|
| | | | * Not very important| ** Important| ***Very important|

For a long life cycle product, it is obvious that the impact of in-service use as well as maintenance of the product will be of significant importance. For example, a lack of maintenance for a vehicle or a machine may lead to a significant increase in the consumption of fuel or other consumables required for proper timing. Particular attention shall therefore also be paid to educating consumers or users to ensure the product is operated in the most appropriate and environmentally friendly condition, and in particular to ensure it is in line with applicable standards or regulations and in accordance with the initial characteristic of the product as delivered.

How Can Maintenance Affect the Environment?

Maintenance activities can generate a variety of solid and hazardous wastes. Commonly generated wastes include out-of-date supplies, wastewater, oils, petroleum products and greases, solvents (both waste liquids and vapors), paints, and consumed components (seals, belts, bearings,…), as well as waste metal, cardboard, and paper. Each of these wastes has the potential to negatively affect one or more of the environmental media (i.e., land, water, and air), in addition it these activities it can also generate a considerable amount noise which is a kind of pollution. However, such activities and practices as segregating wastes, using proper inventory control, preventing spills, practicing preventive maintenance, improving process efficiency, and recycling can help minimize these impacts. Limitation of Environmental impact in maintenance operations

When engaged in a environmental complain, either to improve a maintenance system or designing a new one, the following considerations should be toke into account: I. Evaluation of Environmental aspects in maintenance

To limit environmental impact of maintenance during the use phase of the asset, it is essential for the various environmental aspects of the asset to be identified as a prerequisite. This can be done according to the methodology defined in any Environmental Analysis input/output box method, this analysis shall also identify which of the various regulatory frameworks should be applied when maintaining a product, as well as other commitments or company policies to be complied with: The result of this streamlined analysis shall be improved knowledge and identification of the significant environmental impacts related to...

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