Impact of Low-Income Household and School Community on Students: Implication and Remedies

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William Perdido
September 25, 2012
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Impact of Low-Income Household and School Community on
Students: Implication and Remedies

          Growing up without parents is challenging. It is just like a ship navigating without a compass; however, it is even more challenging to grow up in abusive house. Not only will this affect both your personal growth and development as a child, but your academic performance and career perspective. For example, according to the book Social Animal by Brooks, David chapter 7 pages 104, a classic study conducted by Betty Hart and Todd Risley of university of Kansas found that by the time students turned  four  years olds, children raised in poorer families have heard 32 million fewer than children raised in the affluent family. Moreover, if they are lucky, the students for low-income family will a get place with a functional foster family that will help them learn, grow, and give them the family support that they have been missing in their lives. Nonetheless, the reality is that the majority of these students are placed in a low-income foster families, and/or community housing where there’s few to no successful role models that they can look up to in their lives. This is the situation that many of the students from low-income households face every day. In order for students from low-income to excel to their fullest potential they must have a successful role model in their lives, they should work closely with their families and members of their community to foster the necessary soft skills.

According to an interview conducted with three different educators from the Hawaii Department of Education, at leeward district, and five different students from James Campbell High school: the impact of the low-income housing on students is critical. According to Tyrek C, a student at James Campbell high states that due to their living condition, students from low-income households are often stressed and have unhealthy...
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