Impact of Korean Culture in North East India

Topics: Culture, Northeastern United States, East Asia Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: July 4, 2013
By: Vanlalfeli

There is a foreign invasion taking place in India's Northeast region. But the invasion is not from neighboring countries like China or Bangladesh. This time round, it is a cultural invasion. The North eastern states have been experiencing a shift in cultural assimilation from western Americanize ethos(people, system) to Korean and Japanese culture. The wave of globalization and information and communication technology revolution has also been felt in the North Eastern States of India. Korean culture is spreading like wild-fire across the North East India. Everything that's Korean is selling hot. Korean culture ranging from soaps, music, food, movies. Markets flooded with Korean DVDs, sometimes pirated sold at 100-200 Indian Rupees. Every home has not less than 20 DVDs. The rooms of young people are adorned with posters of Korean actors. Koreans ethos has taken over hearts and homes of many families. The demand for Korean soaps, cinema, fashion and language is at a new peak. What made it possible? Many factors facilitate the raid of the phenomenon. Some of them may be discussed as follows: Socio-cultural implications of K-POP culture:

New movie cult: The Korean movies are gradually replacing the Bollywood and even the Hollywood ones. Instead of current Bollywood favourites, it is movie names like "The Classic", "Windstruck", "A Moment to Remember”, "My Sassy Girl" etc., that are on the lips of the teenagers. The posters of Korean actors and actresses have replaced that of Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukherjee, Aishwarya Rai, and others. In Mizoram even the older generation has been addicted to Korean movies since the local cable television translated Korean films and dramas. New youth culture: With the arrival of Arirang, its impact upon the North East people, especially among the youngsters has been felt in many ways. For example, after watching the various Korean serials on Arirang, there is an earnest...
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