Impact of Job Productivity on Job Involvement

Topics: Regression analysis, Work-family conflict, Linear regression Pages: 11 (3459 words) Published: April 27, 2013
vity on Impact of Job Involvement on the Job Productivity of female school teachers of Pakistan Anum Javed

This research paper is about studying the impact of job involvement on the job productivity of female school teachers. Job involvement is measured through four independent variables i.e. job satisfaction, burnout and stress, work-family conflicts, family obligations which in turn affect the job productivity. . We used seven points likert scale. The aim of this study is to see how far job involvement is correlated with job productivity. We gathered data from female school teachers of Rawalpindi. According to the results of the correlation between the independent variables, job satisfaction, work-family conflict, family obligations and stress are not correlated with each other showing that the relationship between the dependent variable and independent variable are free from the interferences of correlation of independent variables with each other. So, all independent variables are different from one another. The overall significance is at 95% confidence level. Job involvement when defined through stress, work-family conflict, and job satisfaction affects job productivity, whereas family obligations have no effect on job productivity.

Key words: job involvement, female teachers, job productivity, Pakistan, school, stress at work, burnouts, and work-family conflict. 1. Introduction:
2.1. Definition:
Productivity is the measure of efficiency of the work done by any person. This productivity is influenced by many factors; these factors can be internal in relation to the worker or can be a part of his/her external environment. All around the globe people have their own priorities these priorities often create hindrance for productivity. They tend to influence the psychographics of a person which in turn can have many effects one of which is explained earlier. There are many jobs in which, productivity when influenced by these factors can cause irremediable problems. Out of these jobs teaching is most likely to get influenced by these factors. If we narrow it down further, focusing only the female teachers then our perspective would be clearer. Their productivity is more sensitive to the priorities and the internal emotional imbalances. It has been observed that in Pakistan female teachers have to cop up with so many things which can and do influence their behavior, their behavior is what their students are directly exposed to, students who If, do good reflects high productivity of their teachers and vice versa. As females they have to do household chores, take care of their children and also teach; being a teacher. Females no doubt have been seen on the main stream doing what even men can’t, but still they are bound to their household responsibilities. These responsibilities are always given preferences over their career, In addition to this may end their careers. School teachers when disturbed; take out their frustration on their students, which in turn create personality disorders. This is what Pakistani teachers are notorious for. In order to get a deeper understanding of these facts we conducted research on how much the productivity of teachers; that is teaching is influenced by their involvement in their job that is their physical interest as well as their mental condition that is most of the time distorted by their personal problems, gap between the desired job and what they have to do due to their inability to get the desired one, the conditions & responsibilities they have at home, attitudes of their family towards their job, their priorities etc. all combined influencing the involvement have what effects on their job productivity. 1.2. Problem Statement:

What impact does job involvement of female teacher have on their productivity? What are the forces that shape out the job involvement? And how they in real terms affect job productivity of female school teachers of Pakistan? 2....

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