Impact of Islam in Europe 1000C.E.-1750C.E.

Topics: Europe, Middle Ages, Slavery Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: November 23, 2013
Impact of Islam in Europe 1000C.E.-1750C.E.
Between 1000C.E.-1750C.E., Islam, a monotheistic religion, was revealed through Muhammad as the Prophet of Allah. Like any religion, it started out small then later spread across the world , starting from Arabia. Islam impacted many nations, one particularly being Europe. In many ways it was impacted culturally, economically, and politically. Culturally, it went through the Renaissance. Economically, it went through trade networks. Politically, it went through the Crusades, where power through the Church and king occurred. Islam greatly affected Europe, making it later become a powerful nation.

The Renaissance took a key role in Europe's history as well as the whole world too. The Renaissance was a cultural movement of art and literature under the influence of classical models in the 14th -16th centuries. The culture and style of art and architecture started to evolve. Europeans were influenced by Muslims, who made mosaic and geometric art. They adapted to the beautiness of calligraphy and developed a wide range of sciences and mathematics. Before any of this happened, Europe was dependent on their serfs, a kind of agricultural laborer under the feudal system who worked for the landlords. Back then many were illiterate and education was not offered. Europe was basically agrarian at the time. As soon as the Renaissance took place, schools and universities were being opened. Education gradually became a priority for families. With the help of new knowledge, many set out to take long journeys and explorations to find new discoveries. Art and literature now had a different viewpoint, it was finally honored. Technologies such as the printing press, helped immensely. Europe definitely changed to a modern stand point.

Europe's economy changed abruptly. Before the Crusades, Europe's technology was very low and not advanced compared to the Islamics. Influenced by their ways of living, they learned how to build stronger...
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