Impact of Internet

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Impact of Internet
A network via which information is displayed globally. It is the best medium. The topic is both beneficial and detrimental. Definition: Internet is a network which connects the whole world, from which we automatically think of www which represents World Wide Web. It covers a wide spectrum. We must admit that it is one of the most astounding achievements of the 21st century. It is a medium by which people are virtually (intangible- unseen but it is there) connected. People are linked in a virtual manner. It was vulgarized (made known to people) in the 1980s. We cannot deny that the internet is highly beneficial. The world at large has experienced a boom in its use. Users throughout the world claim its advantages. However the drawbacks are as numerous as the advantages and many are those who have regretted using the internet. They have suffered somehow. Therefore we are in a dilemma_ use it or not? The topic is full of contention and dissensions that countries- sociologists, criminologists have admitted the dangers but are not able to stop its spread. Advantages:

1. Cost
No other service can break the records that the net has established. It is a record breaker in terms of cost and the cheapest medium of communication. It costs more to post a letter or make a phone call or a journey. Irrespective of distance and time, we incur the same cost. 2. Speed

Nothing beats the speed of working via the internet. Works which require prompt intervention ( for example filling of important documents, applications to universities, reserving one’s seat in schools and universities, telephone/water bills, VAT forms etc. 3. Means of mass communication

Communication to a great number of people at the same time is possible. The mass media includes TV, newspaper, radio, etc. Internet is also another one. We can mail a message to the whole world at the same time. This is an advanced technology we enjoy through the internet. It can spread information just as the satellite. Twin towers incident was broadcasted and people around the world participated. Events which have had global impact (for example the World Trade Centre, Tsunamis, etc) are put on the net and many people participated along with its immediate victims. That is, those who were present at that time. It parallels what satellites can do. 4. Source of entertainment

It can be called a vehicle through which different forms of entertainment are distributed to people. Artists can create websites of their own and can exhibit their works on the net. Films, songs and games can be downloaded from the internet. 5. Enhances trade

It boosts and promotes trade through e-shopping. Traditional methods of shopping have been given up. People no more move to outlets to choose a product. All details and features of the goods are available but on screen. They can be all but touched. We can purchase anything through the internet (bungalows, furniture, clothing, mobile phones, etc). 6. Eliminates agents or middlemen

During trade transactions, the seller does not need to employ salespersons. The cost of production is therefore low and the cost of the goods is automatically lowered to the benefit of the consumers. We actually transact directly from the seller. 7. Creates competition in the market

This is done through aggressive adverts. Companies compete through adverts to have their goods sold because the prices are very accessible on the net. So customers can very well compare prices in dozens of outlets before finally buying. Customers go for best bargains, best quality and best prices. So companies producing best quality goods at good prices prosper. 8. No regulation

Internet can be accessible to everyone. It is user-friendly and there is no discrimination in its use. It is “public property” just like the bus station. 9. Eases acculturation
The process of acculturation involves the exchange and sharing of cultures. It refers to the learning of...
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