Impact of Increased Business and Culture Contact Between Countries on a Country

Topics: Culture, Western culture, Globalization Pages: 1 (279 words) Published: May 11, 2012
Impact of increased business and culture contact between countries on a country's identity

One of the most noticed trends in 21st century is a closer connection between countries in both economic and cultural aspects. There is a widespread worry that closer connection between countries will led to the gradual disappearance of countries' identities. This issue should be viewed and analyzed from multiple perspectives. When a country tends to develop a closer relationship with the rest of the world, it does not to give up its culture. Culture is a positive feature which can distinguish one country from others, attracting foreign visitors and yielding high income. As most tourists travel abroad for learning different cultures and get familiar with different ways of life, such as Chinese culture or Thai temples, many countries have responded with protecting and preserving their cultural identities, in an effort to keep themselves in the list of the most popular destinations. Increased tourism is one of the major tasks to adopt different lifestyle. While tourism provides a driving force for cultural conservation, some components of a culture, such as traditions, customs or taboos might die out over time. Differences in social background, cultural values and religious belief might make the diversity on some issues. Arabs, for example used to consider westerners as their foes. Now they build strong relations with western countries in many fields. Also Iranian people have broken many of their traditions and over time the Iranian lifestyle has changed. As outlined above, increased interaction between countries in the domains of business and culture can either strengthen or weaken the identities of countries. In conclusion, there is no definite answer to this question.
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