Impact of globalisation on human values and work life li

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Impact of Globalisation on Human Values and Work Life
What is Globalisation?
When two or more countries are free to carry out business in foreign countries, this is called globalisation. A lot of companies expand their business into international markets. In most cases, the motive is a search for improved cost efficiency or looking for the chance to expand and achieve growth. The different products which are not available within the country could be accessed easily after the globalisation. Today consumer can access different varieties at cheapest possible rate because of increased market competition. Impact of Globalisation on Human Values

Many companies are riding on the wave of globalisation; some of their employees might get tangled up in the flow of the wave with more and more personal involvement as the borders between the working day and the private life is becoming “grey”. They are challenged with a multi-lingual working environment, exposure to different cultures, an increase of pace and stress, they must adapt in order to succeed. The job profiles and working conditions of an international company are nowadays aligned to totally different factors as possibly to a decade ago. The markets are not limited anymore to the exclusive region in which the company is based, but to the whole world. The changing attitudes and policies of organisation to meet the requirement of outside world have a great impact on employee’s behaviour. The major change is the materialistic world. In the past, Indian people respected their parents but like the western culture we too have adapted old age homes. Not only employees but the whole organisation is moving on the same path. Over the past few decades, there has been much work done in mapping the values that characterize a society, with important findings. For example, one of the results is that as a society’s level of economic well-being increases, there is a move away from overt religious values. Individual religious...
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