Impact of Foreign Education

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Impact Of Foreign Education
In a changing global scenario, Third World countries are accelerating efforts to achieve recognizable success in the field of education. Pakistan has also taken measures to this effect. These efforts, though laudable, are debated by some academics as non-sustainable and thus non-productive. Notwithstanding these objections, over 2,000 students have been able to avail scholarships advertised by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). These scholarships in the field of science and technology are expected to bring expertise to the country and set it on the path of progress. The experience also aims to give individuals a global perspective, hence contributing towards the making of ‘global’ citizens. On the economic and employment front, it offers a great advantage to graduates of prestigious international universities in gaining employment within the country and abroad. In the job market, preference is given to fresh graduates! This fact was highlighted when a respected teacher and faculty member of the Punjab University visited the student advising office at the US Consulate Lahore to inquire about Graduate Degree Programs in the US for his son. He explained that despite the fact that his son had a record of outstanding academic credentials, he lost out to foreign, especially US educated candidates, in the job market. Unfortunate though the situation may appear for the local graduates, it is a fact that the international education experience, especially at renowned educational institutions, does often give an advantage to students who are applying for jobs. This understanding has led to an increase in study abroad plans in almost all countries, especially in those countries where the local education industry is still evolving. UNESCO records a 56 percent increase in international student enrolment from 1999-2004. Six countries host 69 percent of the world’s mobile students. They are: USA (22 percent); UK 14 percent; Germany 10 percent;...
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