Impact of Fast Food Consumption

Topics: Nutrition, Fast food, Regression analysis Pages: 5 (977 words) Published: June 17, 2013

Dr. Muhammad Ayub Mehar Khan
July, 2012
Iqra University Main Campus Karachi.

Nowadays Fast food industry are becoming strong industry of a Karachi, the number of people due to short of time couldn’t able to make traditional home food instead they order fast food (Burger, Pizza) for their diet, which caused many health problems (Gastric, Ulcer, Food Poisoning) and there are also some people who eat fast food for fun. While a single meal won't wreck your diet, eating fast foods on a regular basis does cause adverse health effects. Excess sodium, from highly salted foods, can cause disease over time as well. The negative impact on your metabolism can be exacerbated by deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. These may be lacking in fast-food meals, due to their greater amounts of detrimental nutrients. This study revealed the facts that there is negative impact of fast food consumption on the health problems of people. Keywords: Fast food Industry, Health problems.

Chapter - 1

Due to modernization and global variations has changed the way of eating food, people converting from traditional methods of diets to modern franchise of foods. Though it has been considered an easiest way of taking diet without consuming time in kitchens; get ready food which is said to be Fast food. On the other hand this type of food disturbed the healthy life of people by having health problems (gastric, ulcer, food poisoning) with the consumption of fast food. 1.2 Importance

For the marketer it is important to know before investing his/her efforts as well as finance. In the global economy of world, cultural variations and difference in tastes and Health problems are likely to make an impact on the planning of every marketing plan. Because of this, the marketers are very much conscious; this piece of paper will help before making any marketing plan in the Fast Food Industry of Karachi by taking in consideration of the health problems of people caused which is caused due to consumption of fast food. 1.3 Objective

To study the Impact of Fast Food consumption on the health problems of people in Karachi 1.4 HYPOTHESIS:
There is negative impact of fast food consumption on the health problems of people.

1.5 Outline of the Study
Chapter 3 covers methodology which includes data collection, data collection source and sampling technique. Chapter 4 covers results, recommendation, discussion and summary and final chapter which is 5 covers conclusion of complete study and remarks. 1.6 Operational definition:

Health Problems: The people had stomach diseases (gastric, ulcer, food poisoning) during last three years.

Chapter # 2:

Chapter # 3:
3.1 Data Required
Fast Food : Number of sales (Burger, Pizza) Health Problems (Stomach Diseases): Number of cases (Gastric, Ulcer, Food poisoning) 3.2 Data Availability
Population is infinite and researcher assumes it to be normally distributed. 3.3 Collection Of Data
Collected last 3 years data of stomach diseases from 5 hospitals of Karachi caused due to fast food. Research conducted through systematic sampling. From five hospitals of Karachi are: 1. Government Civil Hospital Karachi

2. Jinnah Hospital Karachi
3. Chinnot Hospital Karachi
4. Indus Hospital Korangi Karachi
5. Patel Hospital Karachi
Sample size: 100 respondents
3.4 Statistical Technique
Simple Linear regression method has been use to test the hypothesis. Fast foods have taken as independent variable whereas health problems (stomach diseases) have taken as dependent variable.

3.5 How you will reach to the conclusion
To conclude beta should have positive value. If positive sign with beta is achieved after applying the testing method on selected data then Hypothesis will significantly be...

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