Impact of falls in the elderly

Topics: Traumatic brain injury, Life expectancy, Qualitative research Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: November 6, 2013

Fall Assessment: The Impact of falls in the Elderly
Grand Canyon University: NRV433V-1030
Date: November 01, 20013

Falls and its related injuries is alarming problem with the elderly population that needed prompt attention of authorities and society, impact on the elderly population is serious. In the article many aspect of falls and its impact in the elderly population is studied. It is important to reduce the associated risk factors of falls in the elderly. Falls continued to be the major source of high morbidity and mortality rate among the elderly, including the fear of falling, social isolation, uncontrolled pain, and suffering of the elderly population. The article addressed the different aspect of falls, the impact on the elderly, healthcare institutions and society, in trying to answer to the many demands that go with this diagnosis falls. The article look at the rapid increase in life expectancy rate of the elderly, which has warranted more research in to the risk factors, the cost of curing and managing this chronic and debilitating diagnosis falls and its impact in the elderly. The research provides a variety of data from different institutions and countries that came together to study this diagnosis falls and its impact on the elderly. In their venture to unveil the problems associated with falls given the increase in life expectancy rate for ages 65 and above. The study starts by collecting data on life expectancy from 1990 to 2012. Its shows that as the number of aging population increases, the associated problems multiple, given the fact that this population has triggering conditions that play a key role in the occurring of falls and thereby impacting the elderly population and costing society a lot of resources. The researchers use both qualitative and quantitative methods of research in the data collection and compilations in the different institutions and countries for a comprehensive result of findings and...
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