Impact of Events on Our Lives

Topics: New York City, Ramadan, Feeling Pages: 3 (1343 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Event generally refers to any happening or occurrence it means any thing significant happened. Event is a phenomenon, any observable or an extraordinary occurrence. Event is great way to let member know about upcoming conferences, concerts, parties etc. Events are of many kinds such as a birthday, a wedding, death of some one, or any other incident that has occurred. Events are not necessarily good and happening but they are bad too. Depending on their nature events effect our lives in many ways such as if something good had happened it will affect us in a positive way similarly if something bad or wrong and depressing had happened then it will have a negative effect on us. Thus events play a vital role in our lives depending upon their nature and occurrence. DEFINITION:

“Event is something that happens or something that takes place; an occurrence, a social gathering or activity may also be termed as an event”. SOME EVENTS OF MY LIFE:

As long as I remember the first event that comes to my mind is entering school and the start of my school life. At the age of 4 my preschool started, thus my world enlarged from my home to my school. Meeting new people and developing new relations i.e. relation of teacher and student, and friendship the most important aspects of this event. Before joining school the only people I knew were my family members and some other relatives but my school broadened my social circle which then included my teachers, my friends and many other people who accompanied me from my way to school and home, which predominantly include my bus fellows. Thus this event gave me knowledge, developed thinking abilities in me, and gave me a vision to enlighten...
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