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Impact of Europe’s Rail Network to the Tourism Industry

According to the geographic of Europe Continent, it is very suitable to build the cross-countries rail network. Most of the countries in Europe Continent are in the same land, only Great Britain, Ireland, and Ice land that don’t have any part of their area connect with the main land as they are islands.

Europe’s rail network provides both a lot of advantage and disadvantage for the travelers and tourism industry.


1. It is very flexible for the passengers to transit to others operator. Most of the Europe’s rail tickets can be use for all operators. In the long train trip that passengers need transit to other train’s line, the passengers don’t have to waste the time buying the new ticket for other rail operator that they are going to use. The collaboration of Europe’s rail operators make the train ticket covers all usage.

Comparing to the air transportation mode, the passengers don’t have to go through any security screens. They can arrive at the train station in a few minutes before the train leaves.

In the winter, the travelers cannot or hardly travel to Scandinavian country by cruises as the sea water turn to be ice. The cruises have to use the ice breaker to sail through the ice slowly. Therefore, travelers can use rail transportation mode to go there instead.

Europe’s rail network is extremely vast; it is possible even travel between some smallest cities. Moreover, most of the stations offer multiple schedule of the same trip in one day.

2. It is the time efficient mode of transportation.
Not only the train don’t have to stuck in the traffic jam like the car transportation mode, as common train’s characteristic, but the main line of the train in Europe also have the high-speed operation which the train approximately travel with 200 kilometer per hour.

The train passengers often arrive more directly to the middle of the destination city than air transportation passengers do because the airports are often located outside the city. Therefore, the air transportation passengers have to use the car transportation mode to go to inside the city. Moreover, the air transportation passengers usually have to take 20 to 60 minutes more to travel between inside of the city and airports approximately.

Europe rail transportation is reliable than air transportation mode. Europe rail transportation approximately 90% runs on schedule better than 65% run on the schedule of air transportation mode, partially because of weather such as snow, rain, fog, and etc.

3. It is the eco-friendly transportation mode
The trains in Europe use the electricity for the energy which is the clean energy source. The electricity usage does not emit the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas which is the cause of global warming like the gasoline and other fossil energy does.

It is also the mass transportation mode which has the high capacity. The train can carry a lot of passenger in the same time. Therefore, the energy usage is less and those passenger traveling by car individually.

4. It is the cost efficient mode of transportation
Comparing to other mode of transportation such as car and air mode, exclude water, rail transportation mode is the cheapest both in cost and fare. It is because the trains use less energy per head than cars and planes do. As the rail transportation mode is popular in Europe, it achieves the economies of scale that make the cost decrease a lot.

All young Europe rail passengers who are under 26 will probably get the discount on most train travel. Although, the discount that receive by booking well in advance is usually cheaper than the youth discount. However, it is still useful when they travel without premeditation.

5. It gives the recreation.
Traveling by the train give the specific beautiful natural view as the train travel through the forest or the countryside. The rail tracks always avoid being...
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