Impact of Eleanor of Aquitaine in the Middle Ages

Pages: 1 (603 words) Published: May 30, 2014
Eleanor of Aquitaine strongly impacted lives in the Middle Ages. She was perhaps known as one of the most powerful women of her time. Eleanor of Aquitaine was Duchess of Aquitaine who went on to become queen-consort of France and later, queen of England. One of the main impacts Eleanor of Aquitaine had were increasing women rights. She battled and introduced better customs to increase female rights and this impacted positively on the power and rights of women in the Middle Ages. A second impact she had on the Middle Ages were the important political judgements, decisions on state matters she made during her reign in Aquitaine, England and France. Eleanor of Aquitaine was a strong political woman who had impacted the Middle Ages. Her main impact was improving women rights. This was mainly shown in her battle armies and her influential example as queen which allowed inspired women of her time to follow her. She saw herself equal to men and did things beyond what women were allowed. She did things women weren’t allowed such as going to battle but with her power as queen she controlled an army and in second crusade she brought an army of 300 women and 1000 men alongside her husband, King Louis VII. This impacted women of the Middle Ages greatly as she showed men that women had power and ability to be as good as men. In fact, she showed so much power as a woman that some historians such as Jim Sheeton say she was more powerful than men. "Masterful and fiercely energetic, Eleanor soon established almost complete control over her husband." Eleanor was clearly a strong woman who has impacted women’s rights and this can be seen through her courage in battles and her reigning tactics which have led some to believe she was more powerful than men. Eleanor of Aquitaine made very important political judgements, decisions on state matters during her reign in Aquitaine, England and France. Her decisions have led to important phases such as the Renaissance during the Middle...
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