Impact of drugs on the social view of health

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Substance abuse Pages: 4 (1165 words) Published: September 5, 2014
Stress related to drug abuse
By Anita Palladino

Stress is a major issue amongst teenagers and this can be caused by a variety of issues but today, I will be talking about drug abuse amongst teenagers. Firstly, stress is the body’s reaction to any sort of pressure. Chemicals are released into the blood and these chemicals give the body more energy and strength ( (2014)). Drug abuse is the dependence by teens to illegal substances which can lead to stress and can affect many different aspects of a teenager’s life such as physical, emotional and social health aspects. This usually happens at the time of when teenagers are shifting from dependence to independence. However, in building a supportive environment with friends, family and outside organisations will aid in the development of knowledge and personal skills that will increase people’s abilities to deal with and overcome stress related to substance abuse. Drug abuse is a stress related issue which can have an impact on any environment; on peers in school as well as the environment in a teenager’s house. They have an impact not only on the user but on their surroundings. Firstly, taking drugs can have many stressful side effects as it may damage relationships at home and with friends, leisure as well as the performance in school. In families, the parents may be very attentive with the child which is involved with drugs, forgetting their other siblings and putting stress on them. But drugs do not only affect social health as well as physical health; Heavy use of some drugs can damage organs and lead to illness and sharing needles to inject drugs can transfer serious diseases. Physical damage can also lead to further stress being implemented on the person taking drugs, as well as those who are willing to help or provide support (National Drugs Campaign, (2014)). Over the last 30 years there have been various fluctuations in data relating to drug usage. Drug abuse amongst teens had its major...

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