Impact of Demographic Factors on Employee Engagement - a Case Study Mployee Engagement

Topics: Null hypothesis, Pearson's chi-square test, Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient Pages: 54 (10023 words) Published: May 7, 2010

Employee plays a vital role in each and every organization; the interest of employee will help to achieve the organization’s objectives.Successful employee engagement strategy creates a community at a work place and not just a work force. When the employees are effectively and positively engaged with their organization, they form an emotional connection with the company. This effects their attitude towards both their colleagues and the company’s client and improves customer satisfaction and services levels.

In this project work the researcher has studied about how the employee has shown their interest in the job after joining the organization. The researcher adopted descriptive research and the data is collected from the employee through convenience sampling method with the help of personally administrated questionnaire.

The questionnaire contains close ended questions and the sample size is 50. This data was analyzed and classified with the help of statistical tools and the findings and suggestion are extracted from the analyzing chapter.


“Engagement is the state in which individual are emotionally and intellectually committed to the organization as measured by three primary behaviors: say, stay and strive”.

Success today requires a good bit more and good attendance. Employee plays a vital role in each and every organization. The interest of employee will help to achieve organizational objectives. The extent that an employee believes in the mission, purpose and values of an organization and demonstrates that commitment through their action as an employee and their attitude towards their employer and customer. Employee engagement is high when the statement and conversation held reflect natural enthusiasm for the company,its employee and the product and services provided.

For the past two decades we have been trying to realize the benefit of empowerment, teamwork, recognition, people development, performance management and new leadership style. There is a big difference between putting in place initiatives that have the overall goal of increasing employee engagement and truly seeing the payoffs. And, on the other hand, one might easily attribute low engagement to persistent downsizing, which lead to an erosion of loyalty and commitment. The working definitions of engagement largely defined in terms of how a person “feels inside”. However, when we ask people if the level of engagement in the work place would be readily apparent to a visitor from the outside, their answers are invariably “yes”. Job enjoyment, believe in what one is doing, and feeling valued all contribute to observable behavior. You can observe levels of excitement and energy, you can witness people going to extra length to solve customer issues, and you can see an ethic of quality and continuous improvement. Similarly, workplace behaviors indicative of low engagement – whining, low energy, passive-aggressive behavior, lack of teamwork – can be equally visible.

➢ This study helps the management as a tool of powerful retention strategy. ➢ Engagement is about motivating employees to do their best with their full concentration ➢ When an employee is effectively and positively engaged with their organization, they have an emotional connection with the management. SCOPE:

➢ Company’s wide programmes are known with the help of employee involvement. ➢ To ensure the growth of an employee with the help of this goal. ➢ The technique which shows largely to obtain the work improvement tool adequately PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION:

➢ Whether engagement create positive attitudes in the mind of the employee towards the organisation and to its value. ➢ Whether employee’s...
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