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Impact of Dancehall Music in Society

By torrel May 17, 2013 459 Words
What is air pollution? - Air pollution is the contamination of the air with impurities. These include smokes, dust and soot from forest fires and the burning of garbage’s. Internal combustion engines using gasoline emit carbon monoxide, lead and particulates into the atmosphere.

Pictures of air pollution

What cause air pollution-
* Burning of garbage’s
* Using gasoline emit carbon monoxides
* sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide
* sugarcane factories at time emit black polluted dust
* cement and chemical plants emit white polluted dust, tainting the vegetation around+ * Petroleum- is the driving force behind vehicles; however, this helpful substance is a major contributor to global air pollution. * Mining Operations

* Fertilizers are useful for farmers as they accelerate the growth of crops and plants. Nonetheless, the accumulation of fertilizer dust (even those made from organic ingredients) can give way to the production of ammonia and nitrogen oxide, both of which contribute to global warming and harmful acid rain. * Radioactive Fallout-Radioactive sources yield high amounts of energy, as well as harmful quantities of sulfur dioxide and several heavy metals into the air.

Effects of air pollution-
* The sulphur oxides, produced mainly by burning of coal and oil can cause both temporary and permanent injury to the respiratory system. * Air pollution are damaging to a wide variety of material. Steel corrodes two to four times faster in industrial areas than it does in rural areas. * Decreased visibility cause by air pollution interferes with safe operation of aircraft and automobiles disruption transportation schedules. * Sulphur dioxide fumes devastate thousands of hectares of timberland and forest in the United States of America. Many plants suffer chronic injury, described as early ageing * One of the most intriguing aspects of air pollution is it effect on weather and climate. In many areas precipitation patterns have already been affected by emission of particles into the air. * One of the most detrimental effects of air pollution is on human health. The dramatic increase in illness rate and death especially among the elderly and those with respiratory or heart conditions. Solution of air pollution-to maintain a cleaner air quality, start at home sources of pollutants at home and try to eliminate or least minimize them. Limit your use of vehicles and instead walk, rollerblade, or bike or use public transport or carpool. Especial pay attention to the types of products you use, to avoid those that emit harmful gases. * Strict laws to ensure that factories install pollution control devices. * Experiment with the use of alternative sources of fuel in place of gasoline such as natural gas, ethyl alcohol, gasohol and hydrogen which emit fewer pollution. * Industries sites should be placed on the leeward side of countries. * Through the education system, teach and make the citizens aware of the dangers of air pollution.

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