Impact of Crm in Primark

Topics: Customer relationship management, Marketing, Qualitative research Pages: 10 (3138 words) Published: March 5, 2011
                           Statement of the Problem                            Purpose of the Study                            Importance of the Study giant                            Scope of the Study                            Rationale of the Study                            Research aim and objective                            Research Questions CHAPTER 2     LITERATURE REVIEW

                           Approach                            Data Gathering Method                            Database of the Study                            Validity of Data                            Originality and Limitations of Data CHAPTER 4     DATA ANALYSIS

Qualitative and Quantitative analysis CHAPTER 5     GANNT CHART

The main aim of our proposal is to discuss about customer relation management in Primark. Today’s market is characterized by highly competitive organizations which are all vying for consumer’s loyalty. Firms are faced with the challenge to maintain their own competitive edge to be able to survive and be successful. Strategies are carefully planned and executed to gain the ultimate goal of all: company growth. In the traditional marketing strategies and theories, primary focus is accorded on finding ways to attract customers thereby increasing the market share of the business organization. Today, however, business firms have been exhausting means of maintaining and retaining customers and improving customer relations for the overall growth of the business. By collecting relevant data through surveys and collecting information from internet we have to go through this CRM. INTRODUCTION:

      Each industry is subject to marketing elements which influences the company’s function and performance as a whole. Accordingly, such elements are the one’s attributed in determining whether the company has met their organisation objective and if they are able to satisfy their clients (Oliver, 1997). In this regard, there are several approaches which can be considered so as to sustain competitive advantage within the marketing environment. Some marketing strategies give emphasis in the long-term retention and satisfaction of the customers through the provision of products or services that directly suit their needs. While these marketing strategies have been used for various purposes within the customer life cycle, obtaining and maintaining customers remain its prime objectives. Currently, the use of such strategies had increased as businesses give more priority to their markets. In addition, changes in the consumer trends had caused the increased interest of businesses for the marketing strategy. The combination of speed and storage capabilities of computers, along with the connectivity of the Internet, provides a powerful linkage among several functions of the company. CRM systems range from the simplest contact-management systems which focus on assisting individual salespeople to most complex enterprise-wide and cross-enterprise systems. The main role of CRM systems is to connect the suppliers and the customers. CRM systems ensure that customers have a consistent experience across multiple sales channels.             An effective implementation of a CRM system meets the needs of the customer, the salesperson and the company by means of utilizing system elements in several, different ways. Such elements and its implementation mirror the success or failure of the marketing design of any organisation as the management-centred functions of CRM system (Zoltners, 2001). Although, there are many literatures that give emphasis on customer relationship management and organisational performance, there is still a need to investigate the issue on how CRM impact the organizational performance of...

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