Impact of Computer Training on the Organizational Effectiveness

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Since the first transistor-based machine was produced, computer was been used in an increasing variety of applications. This rang from very large systems such as those used by banks to maintain customer's account to quite small systems that may be used by individuals to solve complex tasks or problems.

Hall, (1989) defined computer as a machine or group of mechanical and electronic devices connected into a unit or system capable of processing data. Basically, computer fall into two classes Analogue and Digital computer.

The analogue computer is often likened to an electronics slide rule. It is used for scientific purposes and for the calculations of intricate mathematical problems. The digital computer is the one principally use3ds in the office. It produces result in figures and moreover, works to a very high degree of accuracy.

A task is implemented by deciding the sequence of operation necessary to solve a specific problem. The sequential list of operation is referred to as program. Computer technology is a blessing to many employers and workers especially modem secretaries. It has increased the speed of office work like typing, calculating, correction of errors, elimination by substitution of words-reproduction of work at fast speed etc.

However, the world is becoming-a global village and the impact of computer technology on the entire world cannot be over emphasized. Every organization is transiting not only from traditional to adaptive and from learning to a world-class organization. All these are made possible and necessity by the end users to embrace the use of computer technology to achieve their goals and objectives.


Nowadays, the technology as a system is no longer stagnant but dynamic in other words, it brings more improvement to the society as in the case of the impact of computer training centers. It is reliably believed that impact of computer in organization is likely to increase rather than decline over the next decade.

The operators or secretaries need to learn about computers software, hardware and telecommunication Le. the should try to adopt modernization instead of conservation over the years the attitude of the workers especially secretaries to the-introduction of computer has been subject to fear and contempt in-spite of the high rate of revolution computerization. Computer can be said to be a threat to the workers agreed that computer enhance the organizational efficiency and effectiveness, because it has a capacity to hold thousands of files of information and the capability to make such information available at the touch of a button.

Furthermore, we shall try to establish if the computer training has any significant impact or relationship on organization effectiveness and also determine the problems and prospects of the computer training centres.


The aim of this study is to show how computer training have helped in achieving organizational goals and objectives as well as problems involve in course of computer training. The study is aim at the following:

• To see if it is possible for business organization to rely on computer training for their survival. • To see if really it is possible to do away with computer training centres. • The study aims at highlighting some of the basic computer training problems and subsequently offer useful suggestions that could be of help on solving most of the arising problems.


The study of this research was carried out basically in Osun State with special emphasis on three (3) selected Computer Training Centres in Osogbo and Ile-Ife respectively, they are: Infinite Grace Computer College, Tenderfem Computer Training Centre and Universal Computer Training College.

However, the study is limited to Osogbo and Ile-Ife...
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