Impact of Classism on Management

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The Impact of Classism on Management
Rasmussen College

There are many stereotypes when it comes to lower socio-economic. Some people feel that it is okay to put these people into bracket from others. We look around us and it is the first thing that comes to our mind. This is an attitude that we place around other people. Many people feel that they are better than others are which leads to labeling. As we keep encountering this every day we need to find ways to resolve this and make everyone feel wanted.

The first stereotype that many people look at is lower class people do not have an education background. They think this class is not well educated because most of them cannot afford to go to school. “Accents influence who we select as friends, who we respect with authority and leadership, where we prefer to live, employment, and to the very real extent our personal aspirations in life as a consequence of self-perception directing ambition in education and other endeavors” (Fields, 2012). Many people having this in their mind about certain people. It brings hard times for many of them into the workforce. As we look at people in interviews, we see that many people are not educated and feel that they would not be great in the workplace. Now as the number of uneducated people is decreasing it is because of people out there are trying to work hard to have a better life.

The next stereotype is we base on where people come from. This includes how they communicate with others in front of us. Most people are from different countries that live here. They do that because they know that in America they can have a better life for their families. Causing confusing for people that live here and do not like when they have to hear others communicate. The reason why Americans get mad at this is because it drives them nuts when they live here and can’t speak our language but can take our jobs away. This hurts both sides in the workforce because we are being ducted in our pay. It brings many issues that make many people angry about where they are not willing to bring in diverse situations to their workplace. What I see in the workplace with others getting our jobs and not other Americans makes me feel mad that our country allows others to get benefits from the country. When looking at it they cannot even help their own people. My last stereotype is how poor people can afford nice things when they do not work one hard day in their life. It all starts out with them having many kids and living on welfare. This is hurting our country by paying for people who should have to work like every other American. “Although those on welfare represent the lowest status class in American society, they are not all minorities, in particular African-Americans: they are people from all ethnic and racial backgrounds who for whatever reason find themselves bringing in a significantly lower annual salary than the so-called ‘middle-class” (Blankenship, 2011). In most people’s eyes they feel that people on welfare abuse the system for those that diverse it. They say there are myths about this but I do feel that some people use this system the wrong way. Sometimes it makes me think that some people do get pregnant just to keep getting benefits from the government. This is what is hurting everyone across the country and we need to control this in order to be on the right path. What they need to do with this is control it a better way and do inspections. The government likes to monitor everyone else, so we should all have to follow the rules. That is the thing nothing is fair to the hard working people but to those that are lazy can just lives off us and be okay with it. It is an odd world that we live in if we keep up on things I feel it could be a better place.

We really do not see workforce issues with this because most people feel that they do not have one. Another thing is nobody wants to hire people that are...
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