Impact of British Rule in India

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Impact of British Rule in India
The impact of British rule in India had been widespread throughout the country and affected all the aspects of social, political and economic views of India. The Invasion of British to India had perhaps emerged during the 16th century, when British missionaries had sailed to India to spread Christianity. Later on, the attachment of India and Britain had become stronger and deeper when the British traders formed the “East India Company” along with the approval of the Indians, to initiate trading system between the two countries. This marked the start of a long period of British trade interest in India. Throughout the 18th century, the British defeated other competitor countries such as France and Portugal that had shown interests in India as well. By 1757, the army of the British East India Company along with the French allies had also beaten the Nawab of Bengal at the Battle of Plassey.( ) As a result of these victories, the British became dominant in India and had established major trading bases that were further extended along the country. As the Britain’s naval dominance grew, so did its influence in India. The British rule drastically changed the whole landscape of India and education was one of the biggest reforms that happened during that time.   The British insisted on reinventing the educational system in India and planned to create a new class of Indians by introducing the western style of teaching that aimed to improve the intellect, morals, taste and opinions of the Indians. However, this became an issue towards people as some were still in favour of the native Indian education. But afterwards, a decision was made and the development of education under British rule had prevailed and commenced. The British management/company had worked on the establishment of English schools and colleges in India, the system of revenue in education and allotted funds for education.
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