Impact Of Advertisements On Online Banking In Bangladesh

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Rumman et al. / J. Busin. Managt. Soci. Res. 01(01): 14-20

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Impact of Advertisements on Online Banking in Bangladesh
Asif Rumman, Sabakun Naher Shetu and S. M. Riazul Islam
Dept. of Marketing, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka-1342, Bangladesh ABSTRACT
Online banking is becoming much popular to all level of customers because of time saving, easier ways of transaction and other modern IT based baking facilities. To make the online banking more popular and create more strong customers database advertisements is significant. Advertisements are playing vital role to create consciousness among the customers and non-customers, and make it feasible in every possible ways through television commercials, billboard, newspaper ads or word of mouth communication. Questionnaire survey was conducted with 45 respondents to know the impact of advertisement strategies on online banking in Bangladesh. We have used different statistical tools to make the results more feasible and understanding. Among the respondents, there were students, serviceholders, bankers who are mainly using the online banking and the impact of advertisements activities of the banks to choose online banking.

Keywords: Online banking, Advertisement techniques and Television commercials

Please cite this article as: Rumman, A., Sabakun, N. S. & Islam S. M. R. (2015). Impact of Advertisements on Online Banking in Bangladesh. International Journal of Business, Management and Social Research 01(01): 1420. This article is distributed under terms of a Creative Common Attribution 4.0 International License

I. Introduction
Bangladesh is one of the most emerging economies among the developing countries. Banking sector is playing the crucial role for the development of economic growth. Banking services are not only adding on gross domestic progress (GDP) of whole economic sustainability but also making money transactions easier. In today’s world, everyone is busy and they have not enough time to transect their day to day or business activities while waiting on banks’ branches on a queue. For this reason, people are getting more dependent on online banking or sometimes we call it Internet banking or E-banking. Online banking is becoming popular because of people’s choice, quick transaction, less time pressure, reducing physical costs and others. Online banking or Internet banking is generally defined as the automated delivery of traditional banking services through the electronic interactive communication channels. Customers may access their accounts through electronic intelligence device such as Personal computer (PC), Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), mobile phone, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and others. But it does not matter how they will access their account through which device, they have to access on internet so that they will smoothly finish their all transaction. Online banking services may 14

Corresponding author email: (Sabakun, N. S.) © Rumman et al. 2015, Questionnaire survey paper

Rumman et al. / J. Busin. Managt. Soci. Res. 01(01): 14-20

include electronic fund transfers, debit cards, credit cards, wire transfers, telephone banking, ATMs, bill payments (electricity, water, phones etc.) and many other purposes. A traditional service-holder of bank accounts can easily adopt the online banking process. They need to follow banks specific rules which are mandatory for online banking process and they continue their banking functions through using online regulations and precautions.

Advertising is considered as any paid form of non-personal communication directed towards target audiences and transmitted through various mass media to communicate the services offering of the advertised company. The most important part of advertising...

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