The Impact of Mobile Phones on Teenagers

Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Mobile phones Pages: 5 (1235 words) Published: July 23, 2004
1. Abstract

Currently, more than one third of children aged ten to thirteen own a mobile phone. It is therefore a necessity to inform today's youth of the effects of owning a cellular phone. By reason of request from Mr. Howard, Prime Minster of Australia, to hear the concerns of Australia, a conclusive survey was conducted and revealed that children and teenagers are not aware of the major issues regarding mobile phones. Consequently, these issues need to be recognized by youth and society in order to prevent the harmful effects regarding addiction, health and debt amongst teenagers. These findings will be discussed in great detail in regard to health effects, addiction and debt along with recommendations to alleviate and solve these issues.

2. Introduction

2.1. Background

Mr. J. Howard, Prime Minister of Australia wished to hear the concerns of Australia youth at a forum and as a result, research has been undertaken on the impact of mobile phone technology on teenagers.

2.2. Problem

Comprehensive research and information has determined that mobile phones have harmful effects on teenagers concerning health, psychological addiction, and debt. These factors could generate more hardships for young adults; mis-educating and confusing youth from an early age. The surveys conducted for this report have concluded that eighty-nine percent of teenagers are unaware of these effects. A survey by Ingenuity Research found that more than one-third of children aged ten to thirteen own a mobile phone. A New South Wales Office of Fair Trading survey revealed that mobile phones were considered 'essential lifestyle necessities for young people'. Almost fifty percent of young people aged under eighteen in that survey put mobile phone bills at the top of their list of debt.

2.3. Purpose of Report

This issue, impacting on Australian society, will examine the effects of mobile phones on teenagers. Recommendations will be made for alleviating and solving the problems previously stated. The report will follow the format requested.

3. Body


Australians are recognized as rapid adopters of technology, and their take-up of mobile phone technology has been no exception. Australians favor the convenience of a single phone number where they can be contacted regardless of their location. Young Australians, in particular, are embracing mobile technology. They are using services such as text and multimedia messaging in increasing numbers to enhance their lifestyles and keep in contact with their networks of peers and work colleagues.

3.2 The Effects on A Persons Health

As previously stated, eighty-nine percent of teenagers in Australia are unaware of the harmful health effects of mobile phones. Statistically, cellular phones increase the risk of brain cancer. Cellula phones can do physiological damage through heating effects. They can cause symptoms such as headaches, earaches, blurring of vision, short-term memory loss, numbing, tingling and burning sensations, bad sleep, fatigue and anxiety (Associate Professor Carey Denholm 2004). Not only this, it is thought children and teenagers could potentially face more potential health risks from mobile phone emissions because their skulls are thinner and their brains are still developing. (Sir William Stewart, 2000)

Dr. Andrew Davidson, from the World Health Organization, has reported in the "Medical Journal of Australia"(1998) that incidents of brain tumours at a hospital in Western Australia increased fifty percent for men and sixty-two percent for women due to the use of cellular phones (see appendix B). The statement was based on the rise of the disease in the decade from 1982. Mobile phones have only existed for approximately twenty years. The percentages of brain tumours are likely to rise and affect teenagers as they are exposed to them in the present day. This is because one-third of children already own a mobile phone and will perhaps continue owning...
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