Impact Investment Globally and in India

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Dear Students,
Before you leave for Summer Training, you must collect the following documents:

From Placement Office:
1. Letter of introduction addressed to the organization
From PGP Office:
2. Summer Project Information Sheet
3. Summer Project Evaluation Form
4. Envelope (Confidential)
You are required to submit duly filled Summer Project Information Sheet (Document 2) to PGP Office latest by March 27, 2014 (Thursday, 1730 hours). If you do not have details of Summer Project Title and Name & Address of the Project Supervisor, you may provide these two details later through e-mail within three days of your joining the company at the following ID:

The Summer Project Evaluation Form (Document 3) should be given to your Project Supervisor who would, upon completion of your summer training, complete the form, put it in the given envelope, seal it, sign across the seal, and hand over the envelope to you. Accordingly, the project supervisor may be requested to complete these formalities.

At the time of Term IV registration, you would be required to submit: a)

Typed and neatly bound Summer Project report;
Certificate from the organization on its official letter head certifying the completion of the summer training;
Sealed envelope containing the completed ‘Summer Project Evaluation Form’.

Please note that without these documents, you will not be permitted to register for Term IV. You must make this clear to your Supervisor and inform the Institute if you anticipate any problems. You must keep a copy of the report for yourself. Project reports submitted to the Institute will not be returned to the students. In case further study, analysis or modifications of the report are suggested by the host organization, the same must be completed within one week of the start of Term IV. Some general check points for report preparation are: 

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