The impact of the fast food movement on the slow food movement.

Topics: Slow Food, Fast food restaurant, Food Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: September 14, 2003
The impact of the fast food movement on the slow food movement

Everything today is fast. People think fast, speak fast, walk fast, write fast and eat fast. "Fast food has become such an integral part of the busy American lifestyle that there are more than 300,000 restaurants offering it throughout the United States today" (Dorfman, 2001). Since everything is becoming "fast" in the world, the slow food movement if gradually being taken over by the fast food movement and significant factors of the slow food movement are changing because of this. Major supermarket chains and restaurants are replacing the many local stores people always shopped at, changing the prices of food, quality of service and products, as well as availability of food.

The prices of foods show a significant difference between the local market prices and major supermarket chains. As Allison states, "At a local market in my town, I bought a half -gallon of grape juice for $5.00 that would normally cost $2.50 at a supermarket" (2002). Supermarkets and restaurants have chains so they can afford to lower their prices due to global popularity. Sales often happen at supermarkets and fast food chains as another way to keep their businesses popular and well known. These sales keep customers in their establishments and promotes the buying of other products that may not be on sale. Acquiring products in mass quantities aids in keeping prices down on the products that consumers buy. Also, with more variability in supermarkets compared to local markets, customers can choose from a variety of items, which attracts them to the bigger and well known stores. Sometimes restaurants will have promotions to attract people into their establishments such as the current "winning game" at Mcdonalds. Ensuring customers keep coming back to their restaurants, ensures stability and allows food prices to stay low.

The quality of service of employees and the products in a grocery store or restaurant are changing due...
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