Imoral Review

Topics: Homosexuality, Marriage, Actor Pages: 5 (1521 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Mariano Marcos State University
Batac City, Ilocos Norte

A Film Review on the 2008 Indie Film
A film by Adolfo Alix Jr.
Starring Paolo Paraiso, Katherine Luna and Arnold Reyes

Keith Anne O. Calautit
Haizel E. De Leon
Mari Gay Magdalene A. Opelac
Love Joy A. Pacariem
Eidan Cesar D. Rivera
BS in Accountancy II – B

Ms. Stella Marie U. Gaspar
Instructor in Humanities I

A Film Review on the 2008 Indie Film
A film by Adolfo Alix Jr.
Starring Paolo Paraiso, Katherine Luna and Arnold Reyes

Upon hearing the title of this indie film, Imoral, everyone would surely imagine another movie overflowing with sex scenes. However, as the story goes on, one would realize it is more than about an erotic portrayal of another man-to-gay relationship, but rather open the eyes of the public on the predicaments of couples in which one keeps an extra-marital relationship. This is true as demonstrated on how Adolfo Alix Jr. directed the movie: minimizing issues on the sexual relations of the man, his wife and his other man, and focusing on the problems the three undergo together. Sex scenes showed in the movie are less than one would expect, and the story itself tackles about the immorality of actions brought by money aside from that on the context of having affairs with the same sex or outside marriage. This love triangle story of Dante (Paolo Paraiso), Abi (Katherine Luna), and Jonathan (Arnold Reyes) creates a feeling of disturbance to its viewers as it leaves a question to be answered, “When is an act considered immoral?”

The movie Imoral begins with the couple Dante and Abi searching for a new apartment where they could stay. Eventually, they found one, but introduced to their landlady Jonathan, an engineer and the gay lover of Dante, and Abi as husband and wife, and Dante as Jonathan’s cousin. The three wanted to refrain from interacting with their neighbors to minimize hearsays about them and their set-up, thus Dante scolded Abi when one of their neighbors invited her and her husband to join Couples for Christ. Meanwhile, Jonathan found an acquaintance in one of their neighbors, Gabriel, and even hired him to work in the construction site where he is working. Unfortunately, Jonathan met an accident and it was Gabriel who took care of him; Dante was in the province at that time to attend his sick father’s needs, and Abi was looking for a new job. When Dante came and saw Gabriel, he got angry and jealous and beat him, and Gabriel never showed again. One night, Dante found a bag of money inside the taxi he is driving. The three of them argued whether to return the money or not, and decided to keep it instead. However, their attitudes toward each other changed, and the three wanted to go separate ways each partaking of a share from the money. Because of that, Dante decided to return the money to its rightful owner. In the resolution, Abi and Jonathan changed residences again; but the whereabouts of Dante was not clear, if he died in an accident or he took the money with him.

The three main actors, Paolo Paraiso, Katherine Luna and Arnold Reyes, delivered pretty good depiction on each of the main characters of the story. Each of them gave a unique spice to the movie thus we may say that they blended well on every scene. Paraiso, despite portraying a bisexual in the film, maintained masculine figure to attest him as the “man” among them. Luna performed her role with a rather worn-down look to provide further characterization to Abi, the wife who also gets tired with the set-up they are into where she shares her husband to another man. Lastly, Reyes provides the character of Jonathan with justification as the homosexual lover of Dante through his actions: filled with passion especially when doing sensual scenes with Dante. Their acting was impressive and well executed, without sacrificing the realistic effect of the scenes. From the viewpoint of people who...
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