Immortal Technique Is a Great Rapper

Topics: Hip hop music, Mos Def, Chuck D Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: February 7, 2008
Immortal Technique is the greatest rapper of all time. Many will argue against this assertion and many will protest that he couldn't possibly be the best because they've never even heard of him. However, the few who have heard him will agree that he has an incredibly unique voice and lyrical ability and that he touches on subjects that most rappers won't touch with a ten foot pole. Hopefully I can convince you of Immortal Technique's brilliance and convince some people to listen to his music.

First of all, Immortal Technique is not a well known rapper. He sold his first record, "Revolutionary Vol. 1" out of the trunk of his car! It is an absolutely brilliant record and contains the stunning song "Dance with the Devil" which will haunt you for days if you listen to it. If you look up the song on iTunes, it gets nothing but Five star reviews and people rave about how when they first heard it, it blew their mind. Everyone who has heard the song will admit that it is one of the greatest songs they've ever heard and that the story in the song has haunted them for days after listening to it.

Secondly, Immortal Technique has a very unique approach to political issues. Political hip hop has been a very rare thing since the dominant days of Public Enemy in the early 1990's. Many rappers are too obsessed with material objects and boasting to be concerned about the misdeeds of the federal government and its inherently racist institutions. Immortal Technique is a very rare and amazing artist in that he takes the bull by the horns and exposes many of the lies that the government tells us. He rhymes eloquently about the CIA and Bin Laden, about the twin towers and how they were brought down by demoltion, and about the real reason why we are in Iraq and waging a "war on terror". He does all of this political rapping in a way that is not preachy or boring in any way, but is very powerful, persuasive and entertaining.

Many will argue that Immortal Technique...
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