Immigration to Ireland

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Immigration to Ireland


1The history of immigration to Ireland3
2Immigration nowadays5
3The importance of integration of immigrants7
4Authorization, visas and illegal immigration as an progressive problem for Ireland9 5Summary15


Immigration is an important issue in today’s society. Immigration describes the act of people moving to another country to live there. This assignment will take a closer look at the immigration to Ireland.

Starting with the history of immigration to Ireland, the author will inform the reader about the history of immigration to Ireland. This will be followed by Ireland’s immigration situation nowadays which will be underlined by using static numbers.

An important topic of immigration is the integration of immigrants in the society. The author therefore describes the situation of immigrants in Ireland and different projects aiming to help immigrants by integrating into the new surroundings.

Regarding the fact that the author will talk about immigration it is also important to pay attention to the authorization of immigration which is connected with illegal immigration and illegal work. To provide the reader with extra information the author will also amplify the immigration situation connected with how to get a visa for Ireland and the restrictions and different possibilities of visas.

1 The history of immigration to Ireland

In general the immigrants to Ireland came primarily from the British Isles or from Europe.[1] There have been specific groups of immigrants such as refugees from various wars, like the French Revolution or the Jews.[2] In general one can say that Ireland kept no official immigration records. To find immigration records one has to take a look at the immigration records of England because they have recorded the immigrants passing through the United Kingdom on their way to Ireland.[3] Furthermore one can take a look at the emigration records of the country the ancestor came from.[4] Until 1836 no consistent records of arrivals were kept. Starting in 1836 the records kept provided the name, nationality, profession, date of arrival, country last visited, and the signature of the alien.[5] Between 1878 and 1883 the United Kingdom did not keep any records, but in 1883 Ireland started to keep their own records which were made at the ports in Cork, Londonderry and Belfast.[6]

However, passengers from Europe or the Mediterranean are rarely listed. These passenger lists are arranged by port and are kept at the Public Record Office.[7]

Until the recent past, Ireland was a country of emigration. From the Great Famine of 1845 – 1847 to the 1950s, the natural increase in the population was continually offset by an increasing out-migration on a scale which was relatively higher than any other European country, leading to an almost continuous decline in the population for more than a century.[8]

Ireland’s adherence to the European Community in 1973 even led to net in-migration which was largely explained by the return of experienced Irish migrants, usually with families, to meet specific skills shortages in the Irish economy.[9] In the following years the emigration slowed down but did not end and immigration by non-Irish persons remained relatively insignificant.[10] With the increase in the marriage rate in the 1960s and the net immigration in the 1970s just referred to, the population grew by almost 22% between 1961 and 1981.[11]

Finally in 1996 Ireland reached its migration "turning point” by making it the last EU Member State to become a country of net immigration.[12] The main reasons for the drastic change were a rapid economic growth which created an unprecedented demand for labor across a wide range of sectors.[13] This...
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