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Immigration Reform

By anniebella91 Apr 06, 2013 778 Words
The United States has an estimated amount of 11 million illegal immigrants. All across America are families undocumented hoping for a better life. The United States is a country of opportunity, a land of the free and a home of the brave. That explains why the immigration reform should take an initiative and take action. There have been several beliefs as in who originated in America, like the founding population of today’s Native Americans. America’s diversity spans a wide range of different peoples from various parts of the world. Throughout my research U.S Immigration has been around since 1740’s (and beyond) till now. The immigration reform can start by granting undocumented immigrants their citizenship; establish and improvement of the arguments in legalizing illegal immigrants, and an explanation on why this should be fought for. The immigration reform can start by granting amnesty to illegal immigrants their citizenship. The historical development of immigration has granted many different opportunities to millions of inhabitants here in the U.S. Since 1790 starting with the Naturalization Act which states “stipulated that any alien, being a free white person, may be admitted to become a citizen of the United States,” immigration has been around even beyond that time. There have been many reviews and revisions throughout history over this great controversy by passing acts and even a system of quotas to restrict immigration. During the 1950’s and 1960’s the immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 passed. The system consisted of a national quota formula which was a method to restrict immigrants in a orderly manner. The first amnesty ever passed, the Immigration and Control Act in 1986, allowed millions of immigrants to receive their green cards which years later could lead them to the U.S citizenship. This was the beginning of many amnesties and many more to come. The government should establish an improvement of arguments of legalizing illegal immigrants. The Republican Party maybe on the contrary to immigration reform, but on the other hand the millions of immigrant’s voices overpowers the whole Republican Party. However, many arguments from the opposing immigrants reform maybe to an extreme level. One of the main arguments to this reform has been in our belief in “law and order.” The current system we live in has been corrupted vastly that in reality there is no law and order. In which millions of illegal immigrants don’t pay income tax, employers hire people under the table, and the smuggling of illegal immigrants. Another opposition to immigration is that we come across with is the issue of negative impact in economic costs which includes higher amount of government resources such as healthcare, welfare, education, and etc. Yes, we may have many political issues but what has the government done to have order in these issues? These illegal immigrants would do anything just to cross the border. Thousands and thousands of dollars are being spent and the deceased rate is increasing just to chase the American dream. Some of the most ambitious and successful individuals that were unsatisfied with their country were attracted to the United States. People don’t see the positive side of the issue. As stated in the beginning, America is a prime example of the “melting pot” for the reason that we have various diversity and culture. With all of the diversity and culture America withholds such as race, language, and various religions, America just wouldn’t be America. Why should this action be taken and fought for? The United States has been a melting pot of every nationality. People all around the world come to America for a better life a better future and looking for job opportunities. President Obama has take action by making a decision to stop deporting young illegal immigrants who came to the United States as a child. Immigrants have had such great beneficial impacts in the United States. America is never the less dangerous nor is it worse off economically. The United States as well as anywhere else in the world will consist of illegal immigrants. The immigration reform can start by undocumented immigrants gain their citizenship, and improvement of the arguments in legalizing illegal immigrants, and an explanation on why this should be fought for. Congress needs to stop discriminating and begin making people’s dreams come to past. President Obama and Congress should establish in preserving families rather than separating them through deportation and a clear pathway to citizenship.


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