immigration problem

Topics: Human migration, Immigration, World War II, Atlantic Ocean / Pages: 2 (396 words) / Published: Oct 20th, 2013
There is a clear link between the history of migration to America and economics. At first, migration to America was very expensive and migrants were usually slave or indentured labourers. However, as travel became easier, many more people try to migrate. This continued throughout 19th century and early 20th century, but then war and global depression slowed down and even reversed migratory trends. After the Second World War, the number increased again.
This is an obvious fact that migration is one of the most significant problems in our world nowadays. People always want to be better and they can sacrifice anything to get what they want even migrating illegally to a richer country. This tendency has created a burden and made many unhealthy influences to our society. There are many reasons that can affect the migrant’s choices especially economic variation.
We can have a look at the history. After the discovery of America, the movement of migrants from all over the world to this country was still small because it was too expensive to travel such a long distance across the Atlantic Ocean. Chronologically, the decreasing of transport expense and the gradually improvement of living standard in migrant’s countries have made way to the new boom of migration. For example, in 1975 around 125000 people in Vietnam migrated to America. Apparently, we can not deny that it also be affected by war but economic growth was one of the most important factors to draw this picture.
On the other hand, immigration also makes an adverse effect to the economy. The receiving countries and the immigrants can benefit from the emigration of labour but the work force in these countries might suffer. The more migrants come, the lower basic salary of receiving countries will be. More than that, the wave of migration has formed the skill drain phenomenon in the sending countries. For instance, people with skill and good degree in Vietnam always want to improve themselves in a

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