Immigration Ld Debate

Topics: Justice, Political philosophy, United States Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: September 24, 2006
Democratic ideals- Taxation Nozick
Because a just government cannot violate the negative rights of its citizens I negate the resolution: in matters of U.S. immigration policy restrictions on the rights of non-citizens are consistent with democratic ideals. Definitions:

According to US immigration law, immigrants are persons lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States. As we are only looking toward those lawfully admitted we must only look legal non-citizens and illegal immigrants can be excluded from the realm of the debate. Also as we are only looking to those seeking permanent residence we can exclude all tourists, and we can assume that those coming into the country have a desire to learn and assimilate into the culture. Democratic ideals- to define democratic ideals in terms of America, we must look to what are the ideals that this country was founded upon. At the spark of the American Revolution colonists cried out against injustices such as the stamp act and other taxes. the primary argument was that Americans were not allowed a say in the taxes that they were given. No taxation without representation became their chant. They felt as if they needed justice. Thus we can conclude that democratic ideals revolve around according each individual his or her due. I offer the following observations:

Observation1- The evaluative terms within the resolution are democratic ideals and restrictions on the rights of non-citizens. Thus we must look to not whether restrictions are good or bad, but rather we must simply look to consistency with democratic ideals. O2- Since this is ld debate in which we debate philosophy and what is the best moral objective rather than cross-examination debate in which the participants are required to provide a plan, the affirmative can not simply give an example of 2 restrictions and show how those restrictions are consistent with democratic ideals. Rather both sides must show how restrictions in general are...
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