Immigration: Its Positive Effect on America

Topics: Immigration to the United States, Spain, Immigration Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: November 19, 2006
Restriction of Immigration

America is a country full of immigrants. It was once and still is a land where people in search of a better life come to find one. The author Francis Walker, in this article sets out to explain to his readers that some immigrants should not be welcomed, as they will degrade the society.

Walker starts his argument with the Italians. He first feels that they do not add any positive benefits to the country. Some say the Italians replace the Irish, who are now unwilling to do the labor work they once did. But Walkers counters by explaining the Irish have simply stopped because the Italians have come. But if the Italians hadn't come they would still work the labor jobs.

Walker feels that America was a nation for immigrants to come to when land was available by the acres for very little money. But he now feels that America no longer has that land to be giving away and that immigration should be strongly cut back. Another issue is the fall of Agricultural purposes. Now that machines are replacing the jobs of the uneducated immigrants, America is finding itself unable to employ the large amount of immigrants. The last problem, Walker states is that, America has always been a country where jobs were available. But now America is finding itself unable to find jobs for even intelligent, educated people. And this problem is a problem America is not familiar dealing with.

Walker then moves on to a very objective issue of immigration, regarding the character of the immigrants coming to America. 30 years from when Walker was writing this, the immigrant was expected to be the most alert, adventurous, and courageous of the community from which he came. Now, it is the opposite as it is the lowest end of society fleeing their homes. He feels these are men that hold no intelligence, men incapable of understanding the way in which great Americans, like himself think (sarcasm). Lastly he feels the immigrants are the ones causing crimes and gang...
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