Immigration into the United States

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Immigration to the United States
There are many views on the topic of immigration and people usually pick a side of the argument meaning they are for it or they are not. There are many angles to consider when speaking about this topic, but I believe that everyone is entitled to enrich their life and be a part of a better opportunity for their families and everyday lives. The United States has a 12.9 percentage today of people that are foreign born. We are a nation of immigrants and have been so since the beginning of time. If Americans are to share so much of their country and culture with others we should welcome immigrants with open arms because they give so much to our country in different ways.

Immigrants improve consumerism and add more people for supply and demand. There are more people to consume products and circulate cash flow in our nation to provide more income and revenue to keep the flow of our economy going. There was 11.2 billion dollars spent on taxes from immigrants that are illegal owning and living in homes in 2010. Over the span of three years there would be 4.5 billion to 5.4 billion dollars of additional tax revenue that would accumulate if all immigrants in the United States were legalized. Money is also spent every year on transporting immigrants, arming borders into the U.S., and deporting people however, our nation makes more money from having immigrants here than what we spend getting them here and keeping our nation safe. There is much more to be gained than just money from having a nation of immigrants.

There is so much to learn about the world and we can do that in our country by letting in immigrants to help expand our culture. There are so many different races and ethnicities that settle here that we can learn from instead of being upset that our country is being invaded by other people. America helps so many other countries fight wars and spend billions of dollars making alliances so that we can unite our cultures and teach our people to have an open mind about all of the wonderful things and advances in technologies and medicine that other cultures have to offer as well. By learning from other people we grow as a nation and can enrich our knowledge and ability to communicate with others by making new people feel welcome and giving them the opportunity to enjoy all of the opportunities we have in America.

Immigrants also allow the U.S. to create new business contacts to enhance our ability to trade and invest to become active members in our global economy. Business and money make the world go around and we can make new connections in both are large and small scale by networking our business to other countries. For example, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) has been a necessity for computer hardware and software to advance our technology continuously. This is a very successful company and we would not survive without it. They employ billions of people from all over the world that have made this company a well-oiled machine run by a mix of different cultures and people. We make money by trading and investing with other countries to import products of all kinds and have a significant amount of money flowing through stocks and people owning business across the globe. This would not be possible if we were a nation of closed borders.

Immigrants also fill the holes in the job spectrum that Americans cannot fill. Half of the students enrolled in graduate engineering schools are of foreign decent because less and less Americans are seeking advanced degrees (Thomas Muller There is a demand for immigrants to fill other jobs such as restaurant and hotel jobs on the lower end of the spectrum as well. Our economic growth slows down when we have a shortage of workers in industrial factories and other lower paying jobs. Americans have had concerns about the flow of immigrants into this country because of our national identity being threatened but the reality...

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