Immigration Has a Positive Affect on the Economy

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Immigration has a positive effect on the economy

I. Supporting Arguments

A. Immigration provides a small net boost to the economy Immigrants provide cheap labor, lover the prices of everything from produce to new homes and leave consumers with a little more money in their pockets. they also replenish-and help fund benefits for- an aging American labor force that will retire in huge numbers over the next few decades. Also, an increase in the number of American workers is needed to prevent the U.S. from having too few working age adults to pay for retiree benefits in a few decades, as many European nations currently do.1

B. Immigrant workers will increase federal revenues Providing legal status to undocumented immigrants would increase federal revenue by $48 billion and would only result in $23 billion in additional costs to public services, leaving a surplus of $25 billion in revenue for the government. About half of immigrant workers contribute payroll taxes to programs like social security that they are ineligible to receive benefits from. The Social Security Administration’s chief actuary estimates that undocumented immigrants have already contributed between $120 billion and $240 billion into the Social Security Trust Fund, from which they will never see a penny. Extending work authorization to more immigrants will only increase these contributions.

C. Immigration will compliment native-born workers Immigrant workers are not a substitute for the native-born workforce. Former President George W. Bush found that in 2007, immigrants contributed $37 billion a year to the economy. 2This is due to the fact that immigrant workers complement native-born workers and increase productivity overall. According to the Cato Institute the unemployment rate is not related to immigration. The unemployment rate was below 5% at a time when there were 1 million more undocumented immigrants in the United States than there are

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