Immigration from China to Australia

Topics: Australia, Han Chinese, Overseas Chinese Pages: 3 (1249 words) Published: May 17, 2014
We live in a world shaped by human migration. Everyday, people make a decision to leave their hometown — or even their own country — and move elsewhere to work, study, retire, or reunite with their families. Migrating is a huge decision to make and personally, I think it’s impossible to choose one out of the 196 countries in this world! There are so many examples of people doing just that but I’m going to talk about the Chinese people and their decision to move to Australia and not any other country on the globe.

So, why did so many Chinese people decide that they want to travel to that country? What does Australia have that attracts more Chinese newcomers every year? Australia is a beautiful and very promising but is it enough to convince new settlers? Here are some factors that persuaded the Chinese. 1. The news of gold discoveries in Australia captured the Chinese peoples attention and sparked a gold rush in 1851. It prompted many Chinese miners to come to Australia as an opportunity for a job and easy money. Many were also in search of a fortune and this significantly increased the population in Australia. In fact, it was the main reason behind the Chinese invasion because after collecting enough money, many Chinese peoples invited their families and friends, and the population multiplied as the years went by. 2. In the immediate aftermath of World War 2, the Prime Minister of Australia launched a new immigration program. The attacks by Japan during the war made many realize that Australia was in an urgent need of a bigger and better army in case of another war. Australia came up with a humanitarian immigration program to collect refugees from other countries and offer them to be part of the army. So, there were many Chinese peoples serving in the Australian defense forces. 3. This is something that a lot of you are aware of and it’s the 1 child policy in China. It was established in the 1970’s and was meant to limit China’s population growth. It was...
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