immigration effect on UK labour market

Topics: Immigration, Human migration, Migrant worker Pages: 2 (891 words) Published: November 26, 2014
Jack Clark

Does immigrant labor benefit or impoverish the UK?

Migrants who come to the UK to work affect the country in particular ways. Levels of migration throughout the past 60 years have shown patterns and balances between emigration from the UK and immigration into the UK; such as, between c. 1960 – c. 1990, the number of people emigrating the country outnumbered the number of people coming in, and since 1998, the number of migrants greatly outweighed the number of emigrants (showing a migration figure of over 100,000 every year). This piece of writing will look at the positive and negative outcomes of immigration in the United Kingdom. How the skills of migrants vary and how this effects the UK. Also, factors affected by migration such as the labor market, fiscal (government) effects will be used and discussed which will help bring me to my final conclusion.

The UK labor, or working, market controls the professions and wages of the workers in the country. The impacts of the immigrant workers on the labor market depend solely on the skill of existing workers in the country, the skill of the migrant workers coming into the country and on the characteristics of the host economy. These factors affect research done on the labor market as the research carried out is time-and-place-specific. With the information that is provided to us we have to distinguish between the effects of wages for all of the workers under that single economy, and wages of the different levels of income (to simplify, high, medium and low-paid workers); This is important because at one point the average wage may rise greatly but at the same time the low-paid workers may be badly hit and their wages thus decrease and vice-versa.

The effects of the migrants on the labor market, again, can vary. From the positive point of view, the skills of migrants coming into the country can be seen as complementary (skilled workers) to the already-existing work force under the...
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