Immigration Bill

Topics: Psychology, Human behavior, Behavior Pages: 4 (734 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Professor Ortiz
English 111-04
14 February 2013
Three sentence Evaluative Annotation
* Cline, Victor B.; Roger G. Croft, and Steven Courrier. “Desensitization of Children to Television Violence.” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 27.3 (1973): 360-365. PsycINFO. Web. 11

Feb. 2013.

This article is part of a journalistic writing dedicated to readers of a newspaper on social psychology. The

article highlights the influence of youth exposure to violent television programs and their response to violence-

related events. The article hypothesizes that prior violence exposure as in newspapers, movies, and television

programming increases the opportunities to become desensitized to violence. This is a valuable article that

shows how violent television programs influence the indifference to violence. The article documents the results

based on two separate experiments in which standard psycho-physiological instruments were used to measure

responses to a standard violence stimulus. 

Professor Ortiz
English 111-04
14 February 2013
Evaluative Annotation
* Fish, Shalom M. “ Children’s learning from Television” It’s not just “violence.” Televizion Journal 18 (2005): 10-14. PsycINFO. Web. 13 Feb. 2013.
The selected article describes the positive impact of television programs on children and adolescents. Fisch

explains how research related to the influence of television on children and adolescents shows a greater

emphasis on the negative influence rather than on the positive influence. He also uses researches to demonstrate

how young people can be also positively influenced by being exposed to educational and prosocial television

programs. The author states that as negative television programs can produce negative effects among child

viewers, positive television programs...

Bibliography: Victor C Strasburger, and Eward Donnerstein”A Review of the Article Children, Adolescents, and the
Media: Issues and Solutions.” Pediatrics 103.1 (1999); 129-139. PsycINFO. Web. 14 Feb. 2013.
This very informative article written for two prestigious professionals review a research on media usage and its influence on children and adolescents. It has various sections related to Television exposure, what research says and does not say related to television exposure. Finally it explains the possible solutions to the negative television exposure and the roll of parents, pediatricians, schools, government, and entertainment industry on this issue. The author explains
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