Immigration at Ellis Island

Topics: New York City, Immigration to the United States, United States Pages: 3 (976 words) Published: April 28, 2014
Jordyn J. Steinmann
Informative Speech, March 4, 2014

Title: Immigration at Ellis Island
Specific Purpose: to inform my audience about the immigration process at Ellis Island Central Idea: The immigration process at Ellis Island had four main steps: arriving at Ellis Island, the medical examination, interrogation, and actually leaving the island Method of Organization: chronological

Have you ever wondered where your family history lies and how your ancestors ended up in America? Well, chances are that your ancestors traveled to America and entered through Ellis Island in New York City. Ellis Island opened on January 1, 1892 and became our nation’s most popular immigration station. Up until its closing in 1954, the station processed over 12 million immigrants. In order to become a citizen, though, there were four main steps in the process of immigration at Ellis Island: arriving to America, a medical examination, interrogation, and actually leaving the island.

Transition: First I will tell you about the first step of immigration.

I. The first step in the immigration process at Ellis Island is actually arriving to Amrtica. a. Once the ship arrived in New York Harbor, inspectors came on board to inspect the first and second class passengers. i. The inspectors checked for any contagious diseases plague, measles, and typhoid fever, as well as others. ii. If any passenger was suspected of having a disease, they were sent further on to Ellis Island, which happened very rarely. iii. According to, the theory was that if a person could afford to purchase a first or second class ticket, they were less likely to become a public charge in America due to medical or legal reasons. b. This first step was far different for “steerage” or third class passengers. i. After the first and second class passengers disembarked in the harbor of New York, the third class passengers were then sent to Ellis Island for a thorough...
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