Immigration and Arizona

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Immigration and Arizona
Two years ago, a bill became active in Arizona called the Senate Bill 1070. It states police can stop and suspect if a person is an illegal immigrant. The Supreme Court has been involved in this case even though it is not a federal law. Three out of four provisions were struck down; however “checking papers” on a person’s status is still an ongoing debate. President Obama, his administration, human rights activists, and every day citizens feel the situation can make a negative impression for Americans, especially conservatives. The controversy has been compared or related to the civil rights movement and racial profiling. An article was written in the New York Times about Latinos and Hispanics, they have organized boycotts or riots near the Supreme Court. These people feel their rights have been violated and they’ve been treated unfairly by American citizens. I strongly oppose this bill because I feel illegal immigrants are part of the U.S and should be treated as equals. Illegal immigrants come to America to escape hardships and should be allowed to obtain their freedom.

Immigrants come to America for new opportunities and to start over. The United States allows an amount of freedom most countries do not have. For example, Americans have freedom of speech or the right to choose a career. In other words, U.S citizens basically have the right to choose and live their own lifestyle. Citizens already have a better life by being naturally born in the United Sates and thinking about it we are spoiled. In some countries, for instance Cuba; the people live under a communist government. The people don’t have any rights or freedoms to do as they please. They can’t choose a religion or can’t speak their mind; Cubans are on a tight leash. These are the reasons why immigrants will cross the border. Families come to give their children a life they never had. For example, America has a better education system and sometimes it is the only reason why...

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